Farobril is an orally administered direct-acting P2Y 12 -receptor antagonist. Farobril is not a prodrug and does not require hepatic activation for its antiplatelet activity, therefore demonstrates faster onset of action and more potent inhibition of platelet aggregation. Farobril bind reversibly and non competitively to the P2Y 12 receptor at a site distinct from that of the endogenous agonist adenosine diphosphate (ADP) making it allosteric antagonist. Farobril demonstrates better safety profile in treating ACS patients and patient with acute ischemic stroke. Farobril is indicated for: Unstable angina, NSTEMI, STEMI & patient treated with PCI.

Dosage : Loading dose is 180 mg (2tabs) with 325 mg aspirin. Maintenance dose is 90mg BD with 75-100mg aspirin.

Ticagrelor 90mg

Strength Pack Size Brand Name Dosage Form
90mg 1x10 / 3x10 Farobril Tablet
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